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tl;dr too long didn't read
tl;dr too long; didn't read
TLAM Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
tlccis the leopard can't change it's spots
tldnr too long did not read
tldnr too long, did not read
tldr too long , didn't read
tldr too long didn't read
tldr too long, didn't read
TLF temporary living facility
TLGO the list goes on
tlitbc that’s life in the big city
tlmao totally laughing my ass off
tlnd true love never dies
tlomitroae the love of money is the root of all evil
TLoML the love of my life
tltl too little too late
tlym to love you more
tmaai tell me all about it
tmagtpoaof there's many a good tune played on an old fiddle
TMBASAP text me back as soon as possible
tmbgitw the most beautiful girl in the world
tmew The Most Esteemed Wife
tmfu the most frequently used
tmg that's my girl!
tmifm too much information for me
tmifm too much information for Mum
tmiktliu The More I Know The Less I Understand
tmiktliu The More I Know, The Less I Understand
tmimitw the most interesting man in the world
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 9 of 19 - 10 of 19 click here for the page 11
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