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UDB unified database
udf Universal Disk Format
udf user defined field
UDFs User Defined Funtions
UDFs User-defined functions
UDID Unique Identifier
UDP User Datagram Protocol
UEFA Union des Associations Europeennes de football
UFO Unidentified Flying Object
ufpt ultra fine pitch technology
ufs Unlucky For Some
UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicles
uhf ultra high frequency
uhf ultra-high-frequency
UHT ultra heat treated
UHT Ultra High Temperature
UIAM Unless I Am Mistaken
uidk user interface development kit
uif user interface framework
UIN User Identification Number
UKP United Kingdom Pounds
ulcc ultra large crude carrier
ULMB Ultra Low Maintenance Battery
ULMB Urban Legends Message Board
ULP unleaded petrol
umd universal media disc
UMF Unique Manuka Factor
UML Unified Modeling Language
UML Universal Modelling Language
UMTA urban mass transportation association
This is Popular Acronym list for U page 1 of 4 - 2 of 4 click here for the page 3
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