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vhf very high frequency
vhf very-high-frequency
VHP Very High Pressure
vhs video home system
vhtf very hard to find
vip very important person
vitsol variety is the spice of life
Vlan Virtual Local Area network
VLBL Very Long Baselines
vlcc very large crude carrier
vlcc very large crude carriers
VLDM Very Large Dimension Memory
vlf very low frequency
vliw very-long instruction word
vm very much
vm voice mail
vm voice message
vm voicemail
VMD versatile multilayer disc
VMFU vector memory functional unit
VMT vehicle miles traveled
vnc virtual network computing
VOB Video Object
VOB Video Object file
VOCA Voice Output Communication Aid
VOD video on demand
VOD video-on-demand
VoDSL Voice over DSL
VoIP voice over internet protocol
VoIP voice over ip
This is Popular Acronym list for V page 1 of 4 - 2 of 4 click here for the page 3
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