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2g4u way too good for you
bbebgaiagbf world cup champions - brazil to france
bia wedding
EOI Who?
kah was
khddcm way to remember the metric system
n/a/l where you live
ntfs windows nt file system
OWL-S Web Ontology Language for Services
v4u we for you
w.a.m. wait a minute
W.A.S.P. white Anglo Saxon protestant
w.b.y.o.b. will bring your own beer
w.c.i.s.u.a. when can i see you again?
w.c.i.s.y.a. when can i see you again?
W.D.O.M.L. worst day of my life
w.d.p. well done partner
w.d.u.w.t.t.a. what do you want to talk about
w.d.w.d.n. what do we do now
w.e week end
w.e whatever
W.E.F. With Effect From
W.E.F. World Economic Forum
W.E.M.W. Where East Meets West
W.G.A.T.A.P. with god all things are possible
w.g.u.m.c.d. what goes up must come down
W.I.S.P. Wireless Internet Service Provider
w.i.s.t. wish I had said that
w.k.y.a. Will Kick Your Ass
w.n.t.t. we need to talk
This is Popular Acronym list for W 17 pages - 1 of 17 click here for the page 2
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