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mash you have
SIFM yes i have ham
u.g.2.b.c. you've got to be kidding
u.g.t.b.c. you've got to be kidding
u.m.m.d. you make my day
U.S.W.T.G.O.W.M. you still want to go out with me
uapita you are a pain in the ass
uapita you're a pain in the ass
ubef4ne you be friends for ever and ever
UCCOM You Can Count On Me
ug2bc you've got to be kidding
ugtbc you've got to be kidding
ugtr you got that right
UKnowULoveMe you know you love me
UKULM you know you love me
ulbs you'll be sorry
umbj you must be joking
umbk you must be kidding
uok you ok?
UOM You owe me
ur2bz2cm you are too busy to see me?
ur2g2btru you are too good to be true
urapita you are a pain in the ass
urdloml you are the love of my life
ursdf you are so damn fine
ursg you are so gay
ursh you are so hot
ursr you are so right
urssb you are so sexy baby
URYY4M you are too wise for me
This is Popular Acronym list for Y 9 pages - 1 of 9 click here for the page 2
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