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YCT Your Comment To
yctabbic you can't tell a book by its cover
YD yesterday
YD you're dead
ydagwyw you don't always get what you want
ydek you don't even know
ydgad you don't give a damn
ydhac you don't have a clue
ydnj you don't know jack
YDRC Youth Development and Rehabilitation Centre
YDWTSM you don't want to see me
yemv your experience may vary
YEPPIES Young Experimenting Perfection Seekers
yfam your friend and mine
YFEG Your Favorite Ethnic Group
yg2bc you've got to be kidding
yg2bk? you have got to be kidding?
ygb you go boy
ygbkm You Gotta Be Kidding Me
ygg you go girl
ygiagam your guess is as good as mine
yglt you are gonna love this
yglt you're gonna love this
ygm you got mail
ygm you've got mail
ygtbc you've got to be kidding
ygtbk you've got to be kidding
ygtbkm you got to be kidding me
ygtbkm you've got to be kidding me
YGTR you got that right
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 4 of 9 - 5 of 9 click here for the page 6
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