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YSAN you're such a nerd
ysk you should know
YSL young sexy lady
YSL Yves Saint Laurent
ysm you scare me
ysmbaisy you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
yswtgowm you still want to go out with me
ytb you are the best
ytb you're the best
ytb youre the best
ytbff your the best friend forever
ytd year to date
ytgbkm you have got to be kidding me
ytmbwitw you're the most beautiful woman in the world
ytmmd you're the man now dog!
YTMPTS you took my post to serious
ytmtb you're telling me this because
ytmtb you're telling me this because?
ytrnw yeah that's right, now what?
yttms your thought touches my soul
yttt you telling the truth
yttt you telling the truth?
YTW Yield To Worst
YTWL Yes that was lame
ytytk you're too young to know
yvmw you're very much welcome
yvwtsoms your voice was the soundtrack of my summer
ywam youth with a mission
YWC Yes We Can
YWC You Will See
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 7 of 9 - 8 of 9 click here for the page 9
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