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bws big wide smile
bwtm but wait there's more
bww big white woman
BXF Broadcast eXchange Format
BYH bless your heart
bykta but you knew that already
byktwd bring your kid to work day
BYO bring your own
BYOB bring your own beer
BYOB Bring Your Own Bombs
BYOB bring your own booze
BYOB bring your own bottle
BYOCG Bring Your Own Computer Gear
byof bring your own food
BYOG bring your own grog
byoj be you own judge
byol bring your own laptop
byol bring your own liquor
byom bring your own meat
byot bring your own technology
byow bring your own wine
byow build your own website
byp beg your pardon
BYTM Better you than me
DAP baptism
EEG Brain scan
FIO be done
LBIF Bachelor of Engineering
oap blue rinse brigade
pome british
This is Popular Acronym list for B page 15 of 16
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lyf aint measured by D amt of breaths we taK, bt by D moments dat taK ur breth awy.
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