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BAG busting a gut
baic barring of all incoming calls
baic boy, am i confused
BART Bay Area Rapid Transit
BASG below average student group
batna Best alternative to a negotiated agreement
bats better looking across the street
BAVE Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education
bb baby
bb Be Back
bb beyond bored
bb bulletin board
bb bye bye
bbasap be back as soon as possible
bbd bring bug dope
bbd bring bug repellent
bbdc before bottom dead center
bbfae best buddy forever and ever
bbfbbm body by fisher, brains by mattel
BBFE best buddies for ever
BBFE best buds forever
bbffeae best buds for ever and ever
bbfitw best best friends in the world
bbfitw best boy friend in the world
bbfl best buddies for life
bbfl Best Buds For Life
BBFLAE Best buddies for life and eternity
bbfm bigger better faster more
bbfn best bud for never
bbfn bye bye for now
This is Popular Acronym list for B page 2 of 16 - 3 of 16 click here for the page 4
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