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cag cash against goods
cag cheap ass gamer
cag chick acquisition guide
cagr compound annual growth rate.
cagr Compounded Annual Growth Rate n
cagr Cumulative Annual Growth Rate
capex capital expenditure
CATI computer aided telephone interviewing
CATV Cable Television service
CATV cable TV
cbah charity begins at home
cbar ciao, bye, au revoir
CBD Central Business District
cbitw cutest boy in the world
cbitww cutest boy in the whole world
CBR Constant Bit rate
cbse Central Board of Secondary Education
cbtm come back to me
CBWFQ Class-Based Weighted Fair Queuing
ccar compact car
CCCD Copy-Control CD
CCD charge-coupled device
CCD Charge-Coupled Devices
CCFL Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
ccg castor cracking group
ccg central civil government
ccg collectable card game
CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCMGR competitive, commercial, mined geologic repositories
ccrn credit card return notice
This is Popular Acronym list for C page 1 of 11 - 2 of 11 click here for the page 3
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