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CQC close quarters combat
CQD Come Quick Danger
CQPA Certified Quality Process Analyst
cqtm chuckling quietly to myself
cqts chuckling quietly to self
crb come right back
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CRC Cyclical Redundancy Checking
cre computing resource efficiency
cream cash rules everything around me
CRM customer relationship management
crt cathode ray tube
crt Cathode Ray Tubes
CSA cool sweet awesome
csc Client-Side Caching
csi center for the study of intelligence
csi crime scene investigation
csi customer service index
CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSL can't stop laughing
CSO Chief Security Officer
CSO Compressed ISO
CSO customer service officer
csp content service provider
csp customer support program
CSR Customer Service Representative
CSS can't stop smiling
CSS cascading style sheet
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSS count some sheep
This is Popular Acronym list for C page 7 of 11 - 8 of 11 click here for the page 9
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