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CTO Chief Technology Officer
ctrn can't talk right now
ctya Chicago theatre for young audiences
ctya children, teens and young adults
ctya comments to you all
CTYL Chat To You Later
cuagn catch you later
cuaop cracking up all over the place
cufn closed until further notice
CUFT Cubic Foot
cukica curiosity kills the cat
cuttl crawling under the table laughing
cuttl crawling under the table, laughing
CUV crossover utility vehicle
cuwta catch up with the acronyms
cvg computer and video games
cwcid credit where credit is due
cwd Corrective Warranty Deed
cwomt complete waste of my time
cwot complete waste of time
cwtcu can not wait to see you
cwtcu can't wait to see you
cwtswya can't wait to see you
cwtsyl can't wait to see you later
cwtsyl can't wait to see you love
cwtsyl can't write to save your life
cwtsynw can't wait to see you now
cwtttu can't wait to talk to you
cwuas chat with you again soon
cwul chat with you later
This is Popular Acronym list for C page 9 of 11 - 10 of 11 click here for the page 11
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