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dyjhiw don't you just hate it when...
dyll drunk dial you later
dynm do you know me
DYODD Do your own due diligence
DYOR do your own research
dypb discover your personal brand
dypb Do You Paintball
dypb Do Your Personal Best
dystsott did you see the size of that thing
dystsott did you see the size of that thing?
dyt don't you think
dyws do you want something
dywtd do you want to die
dywtgoo do you want to go out?
dywtmirl do you want to meet in real life
gp doctor
htqf divisions half, third, quarter, fifth
jpeg digital picture
kir dirt
lld Doctor of Laws
mdrept died of laughing collapsed by ground
od do
od Doctor of Optometry
OOS dew
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
Ph.D. doctorate
xDSL Digital Subscriber Line of any type
This is Popular Acronym list for D page 13 of 14
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