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dqmot don't quote me on this
dqmot don’t quote me on that
dqydg don't quit your day job
dqydj don't quit your day job
dr/dc disaster recovery/ business continuance
DRIB don't read if busy
drift do it right the first time
drmfsltd do re mi fa so la ti do
dro data request output
dro decision review officer
dro destructive read-out
dro dielectric resonator oscillator
dro document release order
dro domestic relations office
dro domestic relations order
DROD Deadly Rooms of Death
DSAF Did Society A Favor
DSD Direct Store Delivery
DSD Direct stream digital
DSD Document Structure Description
dsdd double sided, double density
dsf Dear Special Friend
dsfdf different strokes for different folks
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
dslr digital single lens reflex
dslr digital single-lens reflex
dsp Delivery Service Partner
dsp digital signal processing
dsp digital signal processor
dsqd double sided, quad density
This is Popular Acronym list for D page 8 of 14 - 9 of 14 click here for the page 10
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