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eoty end of the year
EOW end of week
EOY end of year
epc earnings per click
epc electric product code
epc electronic product code
epco Electric power company
epcot experimental prototype community of tomorrow
epid every person is different
epos electronic point of sale
epos epic poem
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port
eprom eeprom
eprom erasable programmable rom
eptas every picture tells a story
EQ Emotional quotient
EQ Everquest
ERF Eligible Rollover Fund
ERM enterprise resource management
erp enterprise resource planning
erq endorsement request
ertw early return to work
ertw employee return to work
ertw engineers rule the world
ertw equal rights towards women
esd evidential screening device
ESH Experience, Strength, and Hope
ESN Electronic Serial Number
esosl endless snorts of stupid laughter
espn entertainment and sports programming
This is Popular Acronym list for E page 4 of 7 - 5 of 7 click here for the page 6
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