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fdd frequency division duplexing
FDGB Fall Down Go Boom
FDI Foreign Direct Investment
fdlmao fall down laughing my ass off
fdlmao falling down laughing my ass of
FDOI first day of issue
fdotfl falling down on the floor laughing
fdrofl falling down, rolling on floor laughing
fdrotfl falling down rolling on the floor laughing
fdrt field division routing table
FDSH Full dealer service history
feae forever and ever
fefy fast enough for you
fep fluent English language
FeRAM Ferroelectric RAM
fes Foreign Exchange Student
fetla further extended three letter acronym
ff forever friends
ff friendly fire
ff friends forever
ffa field force automation
ffa fre for all
ffa free for all
ffae friends forever and ever
FFB Frum From Birth
ffl Forward of Friendly Lines
ffl friends for life
fflnmw friends for life no matter what
fftb fortune favors the brave
fftb fortune favours the brave
This is Popular Acronym list for F page 2 of 10 - 3 of 10 click here for the page 4
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