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g.s.o.h. good sense of humour
g.s.o.h. great sense of humour
g.s.p. god's special people
g.t.g.g. Got To Get Going
G.T.L. gym, tanning, laundry
G.V.W.R. gross vehicle weight rating
g.w.h.t.l.c. glad we had this little chat
g.w.o.p George Washington On Paper
g.w.o.p grammar wrong on purpose
g.w.o.p. George Washington On Paper
g.w.o.p. grammar wrong on purpose
g.y.a.o.h. get your arse over here
g.y.a.o.h. Get Your Ass Over Here
g/g got to go
g/g gotta go
g2b girl to boy
g2b got to be
g2gg good to go girl
g2gg got to go girl
g2glys got to go love ya so
g2glys got to go love you so
g2gttyl got to go talk to you later
G2H go to hell
g2l got to leave
g2lkb got to leave keyboard
g2r got to run
g2s glad to see
G3 group of three
gaap generally accepted accounting principles
gaap generally agreed accounting principles
This is Popular Acronym list for G page 1 of 13 - 2 of 13 click here for the page 3
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