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GD&RVVF Grinning, Ducking & Running Very Very Fast!
GD&WVF grinning, ducking, and walking very fast
gd2cu good to see you
gdaym8 giday mate
gdaym8 gidday mate
GDESK Game Discrete Event Simulation Kernel
gdi god damn it
gdi graphics device interface
gdiaf go die in a fire
gdih go die in hell
GDLP graduate diploma in legal practice
GDOI Group domain of interpretation
GDP gross domestic product
gdw grin duck and wave
gdw grin, duck and wave
gelf genetically engineered life form
GeoW gear of war
gept General English proficiency test
gfak go fly a kite
GFC going for coffee
gfch Gas Fired Central Heating
GFETE grinning from ear to ear
gffa galaxy far, far away
gfmgn good fences make good neighbours
gfn gone for now
gfn good for nothing
gfn good for now
gfr Grim File Reaper
gfug good for you girl
gfyl go for your life
This is Popular Acronym list for G page 4 of 13 - 5 of 13 click here for the page 6
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