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HAGD have a good day
HAGD have a great day
haggb have a goodday good bye
hagm have a good monday
hagm Height Above Ground in Meters
hagsb have a good spring break
hagt have a good time
HAGW have a good weekend
hagwe have a great week-end everyone
haistk how am Ii suppose to know
hakas have a kick ass summer
hakas have a kick-ass summer!
hakwaco hugging and kissing with all clothes on
hal Heuristically-programmed Algorithmic Computer
HALIBTNB half a loaf is better than no bread
hant have a nice time
haq have
haq have a question?
hatm heavy anti tank missile
hatm howling at the moon
HAVi Home Audio-Video interoperability
HAWTLW Hello And Welcome To Last Week
hba host bus adapter
HBASTD Hitting Bottom And Starting To Dig
hbb hip beyond belief
hbd2u happy birthday to you
hbl holler back later
hbo home box office
HBOTB Happiest Baby on the Block
HBSP Home Based Support Providers
This is Popular Acronym list for H page 1 of 9 - 2 of 9 click here for the page 3
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