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i.l.u.t.m.d. I love you truly madly deeply.
i.l.y. I Love You
i.l.y.m.t.w.c.s. I love you more than words can say
i.l.y.s.m.a.a.f. I love you so much and always forever
i.l.y.t.m.f. I love you the most forever
i.l.y.u.2. I love you too
I.M.M.D. It Made My Day
i.m.n.s.h.o. in my not so humble opinion
i.m.n.s.h.o. in my not-so-humble opinion
i.m.p.a.c.t. I might punch a criminal today
i.m.p.a.c.t. initiating multiple police actions against criminal targets
i.m.u.s.v.m. I miss you so very much
i.m.u.v.m. I miss you very much
i.m.y.a.i.l.y. I miss you and I love you
i.m.y.v.m. I Miss You Very Much
I.O.U I Owe You
i.o.y.k. If Only You Knew
i.q. intellectual quotient
I.S.L.U. I Still Love You
I.S.O.Y. In Sadness Over you
i.s.w.u. I Sympathize With You
i.t.h.y.f. I think you'll find
i.t.i.l.y.t. I think I love you too
i.t.y.k. I thought you knew
I.V. intra-venous
i.v.r. interactive voice response
i.w.a.l.y.s.m. I will always love you so much
I.W.I.A.M. Idiot wrapped in a moron
I.W.I.W.D. I Wish I Was Dead
i.w.i.w.t. I wish I were there
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 1 of 24 - 2 of 24 click here for the page 3
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