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Inwly I never wanna lose you
INY I need you
ioeaoto in one ear and out the other
iokiya it's ok if you are
iokiyac It's okay if you are conservative
iokiyar It's OK if you're a Republican
iokiyar It's okay if you're a republican
iokiyar It's okay if you're a republican.
iokiyr It's OK If You're Republican
iokiyr Its OK if you're republican
iol information over load
iom infrastructure optimisation model
ionu I observe no unfriendliness
IORT Intra operative radiation therapy
IOTD image of the day
IOTY It’s Over To You
IOU I owe you
iowtbt I only want to be told
ioyk If Only You Knew
IPFY I pray for you
ipl initial program loader
ipl intensive pulsed light
IPng IP Next Generation
IPO Initial Public Offering
IPO Internal Purchase Order
IPsec Internet Protocol Security
IPT Internet Protocol Telephony
IPT IP Telephony
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
IQ Intellectual quotients
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 17 of 24 - 18 of 24 click here for the page 19
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