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IQ intelligence quotient
IRC internet relay chat
IRDA infrared data association
irdgad I really don't give a damn
irdly I really do love you
irdly I really don't love you
irgtgbtw I've really got to get back to work
irhy I really hate you
irly I really love you
irlyb I really love you baby
irlydylm I really love you do you love me?
IRMC i rest my case
irmy I really miss you
irocc I rely on Christ completely
irof I roll on floor
iroflmfao I'm rolling on floor laughing my ass off
iroi immediate return on investment
irooc I've run out of cigarettes
irooc idiot right out of college
irotf I'm rolling on the floor
IRR Internal Rate of Return
IRS Inland revenue service
IRT in real time
IRT in regards to
IRT in reply to
irtf I'll return the favor
IRV immediate response vehicle
irwtkyrn I really want to kiss you right now
isaly I shall always love you
isapi internet server application program interface
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 18 of 24 - 19 of 24 click here for the page 20
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