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isb I'm so bored
isbn international standard book number
isbya im sorry but you asked
iSCSI Internet Small Computer System Interface
isdn integrated service digital network
isfj Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging
isg I speak geek
ISI Institute for Scientific Information
isihac I'm sorry I haven't a clue
isinlwy I am so in love with you
isinlwy I am so inlove with you
isinlwy I'm so in love with you
isinly I'm so in love with you
ISLU I Still Love You
ISLYB I so love you babe
ISLYB I still love you babe
ismu I so miss you
ismu I still miss you
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISSN International Standard Serial Number
istj introverted sensing thinking judging
istr I seem to recall
istr I seem to remember
isv independent software vendor
isv independent software vendors
iswn international standard wine number
iswtkys I so want to kiss you
IT Information Technology
IT&T information technology and telecommunications
italy I truly always love you
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 19 of 24 - 20 of 24 click here for the page 21
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