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I.W.T.B. I want to believe
i.w.t.d.u. I want to do you too
i.w.t.d.u. I want to dump you too
i.w.t.d.u. I was totally destroying you too
i.w.t.d.u.2. I want to do you
i.w.t.d.u.2. I want to dump you
i.w.t.d.u.2. I was totally destroying you
i.y.d.k.y.c.g. If you don't know you don't go
i.y.k.w.i.k. If you knew what I knew
i.y.k.w.i.k. If you know what I know
IAAA I Am An Accountant
IAAF International Amateur Athletics Federation
IAAH Insert Appropriate Adjective Here
IAB I Am Bored
IAB Internal Affairs Bureau
IAE in any event
IAFHRY I am fine how are you
iafydstta if at first you don't succeed, try try again
iagfii it's all good fun isn't it
iailwu I am in love with you
iailwy I am in love with you
IALAC I Am Lovable and Capable
iallthnt it's a long lane that has no turning
ialto I always love that one
IANAC I am not a crook
ianad I am not a Doctor
ianal I am not a lawyer
ianal I am not a lawyer.
ianal I am not a laywer
ianal I'm not a Lawyer
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 2 of 24 - 3 of 24 click here for the page 4
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