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Acronym's for I
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 26 of 27 page 27 of 27
 IWYB I want you babe
 IWYB I want you back
 IWYB I want your body
 iwyinyily I want you , I need you, I love you
 iwyinyily I want you I need you I love you
 IWYWH I wish you were here
 IWYWH I wish you where here
 IYD in your dreams
 iydkycg If you don't know you can not go
 IYFEG Insert Your Favorite Ethnic Group
 IYFEG Insert Your Favourite Ethnic Group
 iyhaq if you have any questions
 l.y.m.t.l. I love you more than life
 L.Y.M.T.Y.L.M. I love you more than you love me
 l12tchu I want to touch you
 LYMTYLM I love you more than you love me
 mssss I’m so so so sorry
 nloe In light of eternity
 qvga image size of 320 x 240 pixels
 TVTTB I Like You Very Very Much
 vga image size of 640 x 480 pixels
 W.I.W.T.W.U. I wish I was there with you
This is Popular Acronym list for I page 26 of 27 page 27 of 27
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