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Acronym's for K
This is Popular Acronym list for K page 2 of 5 page 3 of 5 click here for the page 4
 kmkmkm Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
 KMN Kill Me Now
 KMP Keep Me Posted
 KMP kill me please
 kmq Kiss me quick
 kmria Kiss My Royal Irish Arse
 kmria Kiss My Royal Irish Ass
 kms Killing Me Softly
 kms Kilometers
 KMUF Kiss Me You Fool
 kmwa kiss my white ass
 KMWIH Kiss Me Where It Hurts
 KMYF Kiss Me You Fool
 knim know what i mean
 koaypp kisses on all your pink parts
 kos keep on smiling
 kos kid over shoulder
 kos Kids Over Shoulder
 kos Kill On Sight
 kotg keeper of the grove
 kotl kiss on the lips
 KOTP keepers of the Peace
 kpc keep parents clueless
 kpc keeping parents clueless
 kpcofgs Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
 KPH kilometers per hour
 KPI Key Performance Indicator
 KRA key result area
 ksa knowledge skills and ability
 KTBFFH Keep the Blue Flag Flying High
This is Popular Acronym list for K page 2 of 5 page 3 of 5 click here for the page 4
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