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Acronym's for K
This is Popular Acronym list for K page 3 of 5 page 4 of 5 click here for the page 5
 ktbwos Kill Two Birds With One Stone
 ktcootn keep this crap out of this newsgroup
 kutgsawyad keep up the good spirit and whatever you are doing
 kutgw keep up the good work
 kvm keyboard, video and mouse
 KWIC keyword in context
 kwiw know what I want
 KWOC keyword out of context
 kwtii know what time it is
 kwtsds kiss where the sun don't shine
 KWUM Know What yoU Mean
 KWYM Know What You Mean
 kyag Kiss Your Ass Goodbye
 KYaNOOI keep your nose out of it
 KYB Kick Your Butt
 KYBO Keep Your Bowels Open
 KYFC Keep Your Fingers Crossed
 kyhafty Keep Your Hands And Feet To Yourself
 KYHO keep your hair on
 kyhootw keep your head out of the water
 kyhooya keep your head out of your ass
 kyhu keep your head up
 kyko keep your knickers on
 kys Kill Your Self
 kys kill yourself
 kys kiss
 nap kip
 NORWICH kNickers Off Ready When I Come Home
 ROI king
 TKKK kool kids klub
This is Popular Acronym list for K page 3 of 5 page 4 of 5 click here for the page 5
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