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ld later dude
ld later, dude
ld learning disabilities
ld legally dumb
ld long distance
ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDL Low-density Lipoprotein cholesterol
ldms landesk management suite
ldms landmark data applications & management solutions
ldms laser desorption mass spectrometry
ldms light defender missile system
ldms linked director movies
ldms local multi-point distribution services
ldms long distance management system
LDOH Last Days Of Humanity
ldw loss damage waiver
ldwpkol long deep wet passionate kiss on the lips
led Light Emitting Diode
LEP Light Emitting Polymer
LFD Large Format Display
lfk light french kissing
lfti looking forward to it
lftt lean finely textured tissue
lftysr look forward to your swift response
lgmas lord give me a sign
LGMH Love gives me hope
lgol local government on line
LGPL Lesser GNU Public License
lgr little girl's room
lgr little girls room
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 2 of 11 - 3 of 11 click here for the page 4
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