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LORAN LOng RAnge Navigation
losp light organic solvent preservative
lot List of Tables
LPAE Lightweight, Productive, Agile and Efficient
lpci licensed professional counselor intern
lpci low-pressure coolant injection
LPG Liquid Petroleum Gas
LPM Lines Per Minute
lpr long pants required
LPT Line Printing Terminal
lqtms laughing quietly to my self
lqtms laughing quietly to myself
LRAE Long Range Acquisition Estimate
LRP Lead replacement petrol
LRP love romance and passion
lrv Light Recreation Vehicle
lscwc look, say, cover, write, check
lsdl let a sleeping dog lie
lsdl let sleeping dogs lie
lsdl let sleeping dogs lie.
lsfiab like shooting fish in a barrel
lskol long slow kiss on the lips
LSM Linux Software Map
LSP Less Sensitive Person
LSSM least said soonest mended
LSSM Least said, soonest mended
LSTYD Life Stinks, Then You Die
ltbh long term buy & hold
LTC long term care
LTE Long term evolution
This is Popular Acronym list for L page 6 of 11 - 7 of 11 click here for the page 8
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