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m.y.o.b. mind you own business
m.y.o.b. mind your own business
m.y.s.u.m. miss you so very much
m.y.s.v.m. miss you so very much
M2AF Message To All Friends
M2AF&RP message to all friends and recent players
M2M Machine to Machine
M2M machine-to-machine
MACM Master of Arts and Cultural Management
MACR Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery
MACRS modified accelerated cost recovery system
MANs metropolitan area networks
MARCS Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System
MARPs most at-risk populations
mash Mobile Army Surgery Hospital
mauw maximum all up weight
mawp maximum allowable working pressure
MB Megabyte
MB message board
MB Morning blunt
MB my bad
MBCS multi byte character set
mbf my best friend
mbff male best friend forever
mbff my best friend forever
mbffl my best friend for life
mbgitw managing by getting in the way
mbgitw most beautiful girl in the word
mbi management buy in
MBLA Management by listening around
This is Popular Acronym list for M page 1 of 10 - 2 of 10 click here for the page 3
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