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mink multiple income, no kids
mip minor in possession
mip Mint in package
mip mint in packet
mip Mobile Internet Provider
mips Meaningless Information Per Second
mips Million Instructions Per Second
mirt mobile infrared transmitter
MISP mobile internet service provider
mjha ministry for justice and home affairs
MKIA Mr know it all
mla member of the legislative assembly
mla multiple letter acronym
mlaaf military land and air force's
mlas member's of the legislative assembly
mlas multiple letter acronyms
mlas my lips are sealed
mlb Major League Baseball
MLC Multi Level Cell
mliw modern life is war
mllp minimal lower layer protocol
MLM Multi Level Marketing
MLOA medical leave of absence
mltr multiple long term relationships
MLVP multi-line variety package
mma meet me at
mmas meet me after school
mmatc meet me around the corner
mmatp meet me at the park
MMB middle mouse button
This is Popular Acronym list for M page 4 of 10 - 5 of 10 click here for the page 6
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