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ncycbtah never count your chickens before they are hatched
nda non disclosure agreement
nda non-disclosure agreement
ndcq not dead can't quit
nde Near Death Experience
nde no diplomatic exchange
nde nondestructive examination
NDMP Network Data Management Protocol
ndr non delivery reciept
ndr non-delivery report
neho never ever heard of
NEPM National Environment Protection Measure
nes never ending story
nes nintendo entertainment system
NESE Net Earnings from Self-Employment
nev neighborhood electric vehicles
nfa no further action
nfid national foundation for infectious diseases
nfl national football league
nfm no further message
nfm not for me
NFN Normal for Norfolk
nft no further text
nft not for trade
nftl notice of filing of tax lien
nftr nothing further to report
NFTs Not For Trades
nfwya Never Forget Who You Are
NGI Next Generation Internet
ngo non government organization
This is Popular Acronym list for N page 2 of 8 - 3 of 8 click here for the page 4
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