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njrotc navy junior reserve officer training corps
NKFDA no known food and drug allergies
NKMA No Known Medication Allergies
NKOTB new kid on the block
NKOTB New Kids On The Block
nlaghitm never look a gift horse in the mouth
nlb nonlinear behavior
NLOS near line of sight
NLSR Natural Language Speech Recognition
nlt no later than
nmbff not my best friend forever
nmhjc Not Much Here, Just Chilling
nmhjc nothing much here just chilling
nmw no matter what
nmw non metallic wet underground
nnm network node manager
nnn no new news
nnn no no no
nnpw new never played with
nnstdltbbb night night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
nntp Net News Transfer Protocol
nntp Network News Transfer Protocol
nntr no need to read
nntr no need to reply
NOBR no break
NOFR Notice of Final Rulemaking
noib Notice of Intent to Bid
nomb none of my business
nop no operation
nop normal operating procedure
This is Popular Acronym list for N page 4 of 8 - 5 of 8 click here for the page 6
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