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NTLTL Never Too Late To Learn
ntn no thanks needed
NTOOT Nine Times Out Of Ten
ntu network terminating unit
NTVDM NT Virtual Dos Machine
ntwd no texting while driving
ntwha nothing to write home about
nubff new best friend forever
nva net value add
nva never
nvh noise, vibration & harshness
nvh noise, vibration and harshness
nvmm never mind, mate
nvng nothing ventured nothing gained
nvng nothing ventured, nothing gained
NVOD Near Video on demand
NVOD Near Video-on-Demand
NVram non volatile random access memory
nwot new without tags
nwtm not worth the money
NxO nitrogen oxides
nyct new york city transit
NYD not yet defined
nyob none of your business
nypd New York police department
NYSDMV New York State Department of Motor Vehicles
nyseslat New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test
NZ New Zealand
stanag NATO Standardization Agreement
This is Popular Acronym list for N page 7 of 8
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