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Acronym's for P
This is Popular Acronym list for P page 10 of 15 page 11 of 15 click here for the page 12
 PPM pages per minute
 PPM parts per million
 PPO Preferred Provider Organization
 PPOR Per Pupil Operating Revenues
 PPOR post proof or recant
 PPP petty pet peeve
 PPP  p*ss Poor Protoplasm
 PPP point-to-point protocol
 PPP pretty pretty please
 PPP Public-Private Partnership
 Pppd Point to Point Protocol daemon
 PPPP Previous Paragraph was Polemical Position
 PPPPPP Prior Planning Prevents p*ss Poor Performance
 pppv pay per play videos
 pps post postscriptum
 pps Post Processing System
 PPTM please tell me more
 PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
 PPV Pay Per View
 PPV pay per views
 PPV Pay-per-view
 ppvs pay per views
 PPWSOI Pretty Please With Sugar On It
 PPWSOI Pretty Please With Sugar On It.
 PQMF Please Quote Me For
 PRC People's Republic of China
 PRC Peoples Republic of China
 PRND Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low
 PRNDL Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low
 PRW parents are watching
This is Popular Acronym list for P page 10 of 15 page 11 of 15 click here for the page 12
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