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RBS Really Big Screen
rby red, blue, yellow
RC Release Candidate
RC remote control
RC Roman Catholic
RCCB Residual Current Circuit breaker
RCCB Residual Current Circuit breakers
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
rcsa right click save as
rdbms relational data-base management system
rdbms relational database management system
RDI Recommended Daily Intake
rdo regular day off
rdo Remote Data Object
RDP Reliable Datagram Protocol
RDP Remote Desktop Protocol
RDU rapid deployment unit
RDU regional decision unit
RDU regional development unit
RDU remote display unit
rej rapid economic justification
rem Rapid Eye Movement
rexman relax and enjoy, and read the manual
rf radio frequency
RFC request for change
RFC Request for comment
RFC Request For Comments
RFCs Requests For Comments
RFD request for discussion
rfi Request For Information
This is Popular Acronym list for R page 1 of 7 - 2 of 7 click here for the page 3
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