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rfics radio frequency integrated circuits
rfl? ready for lunch?
RFP request for proposal
RFQ Radio Frequency Quadrupole
RFQ Request for Qualifications
RFQ Request for Quotation
RFQ Request for Quote
RFQ requests for quotation
RFQ Require For Qualification
RFV Real File Viewer
RFV request for volunteers
RHW Real House Wives
RI romantic interest
ria Rich Internet Application
RIAA Recording Industry Association of America
riadbsc revenge is a dish best served cold
ric racial indentity crisis
rif Reduction In Force
risc Reduced Instruction Chip Set
risc risk
RISL reduced instruction set language
rkba right to keep & bear arms
rkba right to keep and bear arms
RLF real life friend
rlsd received line signal detector
RMB Right Mouse Button
RMB Ring My Bell
rmo recognised media organisation
rmo records management officer
rmo regional management officer
This is Popular Acronym list for R page 2 of 7 - 3 of 7 click here for the page 4
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