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shmily showing how much i love you
SHTML Static Hypertext Mark-up Language
sibir sibling in room
simm single inline memory module
simm system in-line memory modules
SIMMs single inline memory modules
sink single income no kids
sink single income, no kids
siop single integrated operational plan
sis,sig speech is silver, silence is golden
sit socially interactive technologies
sit stay in touch
sitc single in the city
sitrep situation report
sitw state income tax withholding
sjf single jewish female
sjm single jewish male
sku Stock Keeping Unit
SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
slc single level cell
slcds Spring-Loaded Camming Devices
SLD Second level domain
SLIRK Smart Little Rich Kid
slm see last mail
slm service level management
SLOJO Stupid Little Odd Jobs Officer
smaim send me an instant message
smaw shielded metal arc welding
smaw shoulder-launched multipurpose assault weapon
smdf strength, merciless determination, forever
This is Popular Acronym list for S page 4 of 10 - 5 of 10 click here for the page 6
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