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smem send me an e-mail
smem send me e-mail
smes Small to Medium <sized> Enterprises
smes small to medium enterprises
smh scratching my head
smh shake my head
smh shaking my head
smh signal message handling
SMIA Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture
smop small matter of programming
smp symetric multiprocessing
smp symmetric multi processing
SMPP Short message peer to peer
sms share my sweetness
sms short man's syndrome
sms short mans syndrome
sms short message service
sms short message service (an e-mail or other message)
SMSL Standard Multimedia Scripting Language
SMSMDS Surface Missile System Maintenance Data System
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SMWF Seamless Wi-Fi
sn2d Stay No to Drugs
snag sensitive new age guy
snag sensitive new-age guy
snat source network address translation
snl saturday night live
SNMP Simple Network Managment Protocol
sntd Stay No to Drugs
SOA same old architecture
This is Popular Acronym list for S page 5 of 10 - 6 of 10 click here for the page 7
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