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SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SOA service-oriented architecture
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SOBOE Shortness of Breath on Exertion
SOCOM Special Operations COMmand
sofl School of Foreign Languages
sofl sitting on the floor laughing
sofo structural monitoring using optical fibres
sofo surveillance d'ouvrage par fibres optiques
sohc single overhead cam
SOHT Socket over HTTP Tunneling
soqp supervisory officer's qualification program
SORN Statutory Off Road Notification
SORQ Signal Output ReQuest
SOSR some other substantial reason
sotd site of the day
sotd song of the day
sotd system of a down
SOTF Survival of the Fittest
SOTU State of the Union
sotw shot of the week
sotw site of the week
sotw soldiers of the world
sotw special of the week
sotw spirit of the wild
sow speaking of which
sow statement of work
sparq speed power agility reaction and quickness
spdif sony/philips digital interface
SPF Sender Policy Framework
This is Popular Acronym list for S page 6 of 10 - 7 of 10 click here for the page 8
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