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tco total cost of ownership
TCOS Transactions on Computer Systems
TCOTLNDRS The course of true love never did run smooth
tcotpatpwtcot take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves
TCP Transmission Control Protocol
tcp/ip transmission control protocol/internet protocol
tcptg two can play that game
tcr t-cell receptor
tcr task change request
tcr the common rule
tcr transfer-cluster restricted
TCS take care sweetheart
tcxo temperature compensated crystal oscillator
tczw total cubic zirconia weight
TDC Top Dead Center
tdd telecommunication devices for the deaf
tdd telecommunications display device
tdd time dimension duplexing
tddup till death do us part
tdf to die for
TDH Total Dynamic Head
tdkh tall dark and handsome
TDMA time division multiple access
TDMA time-division multiple access
tdoa Time Difference of Arrival
TDUDP Till Death Us do Part
TEAL Teaching English as an Additonal Language
tebctw the early bird catches the worm
ted technology, entertainment and design
TEFL teaching English as a foreign language
This is Popular Acronym list for T page 4 of 19 - 5 of 19 click here for the page 6
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