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W.O.F.E. wholly foreign owned enterprise
W.O.F.E. wholly-owned foreign entity
W.O.M.A.D. World of Music Arts and Dance
w.p. well played
w.p. wrong person
w.p.t.h. weight proportionate to height
W.R.O.L. Without Rule of Law
w.r.t. with regards to
w.r.t. with respect to
w.r.u.b. where are you babe?
w.r.u.d.t. what are you doing today
w.t.b.a.f.y. want to be away from you
w.t.b.s with that being said
w.t.b.s. with that being said
w.t.d.t. what to do today
w.t.g. way to go
w.t.h.i.t.w.c.t. what the hell is this world coming to
w.t.w.u.b.h. what time will you be home
w.t.y.f. whatever takes your fancy
w.u.d.t. what are you doing today
w.u.w.c.a. what you want to chat about
w.u.w.m. watching you watching me
w.w.n.g.d. what would norman gentle do?
w.w.n.g.d. what would the next guy do?
w.y.l.m.i.t.e. when you look me in the eyes
w.y.w.m. watching you watching me
w/b wat about u
w/b welcome back
w/b what about
w/b why bother
This is Popular Acronym list for W page 1 of 17 - 2 of 17 click here for the page 3
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