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wtlm welcome to last month.
WTLS wireless transport layer security
WTLY welcome to last year
wtm Want To Make
wtm what that means
wtm what's the matter
wtm white trash magazine
wtmpi way too much personal information
WTMW welcome to my world
wtrdmc with tears running down my cheeks
wtrmtr where the rubber meets the road
wtsds where the sun don't shine
WTTC Welcome To The Club
wttl Where the Truth Lies
wttm without thinking to much
wttm without thinking too much
WTTRW Welcome To The Real World
WTU want to upgrade
wtv watching television
wtv whatever
wtwubh what time will you be home
WTY waving to you
wtyf whatever takes your fancy
wtyo whatever turns you on
wtysl what took you so long
wu? what's up?
wuastc wake up and smell the coffee
wuba woman used by all
wubl will you be long?
WUBMN Will You Be Mine
This is Popular Acronym list for W page 12 of 17 - 13 of 17 click here for the page 14
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