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wicca witchcraft
wicca witches international coven council
widkt well I didn't know that!
wigac when i get a chance
wigig when it's gone it's gone
wigo what is going on
wiifm what's in it for me
wiifm what's in it for me?
wiifr what's in it for the receiver
wiitwd whatever it is that we do
wim wireless identity module
wim woe is me
wir,datrd when in rome, do as the romans do
wisp winning is so pleasurable
wisp wireless internet service provider
WISPs Wireless Internet Service Providers
witfme what's in it for me
withigo what the hell is going on?
witw what in the world
wity what's it to you
WIWO walk in walk out
wiwt what I'm wearing today
wiwt wish I was there
wkya Will Kick Your Ass
WKYB who knows you best
WKYK whitest kids you know
WLAN wireless local area network
wlog without loss of generality
WLTM would like to meet
wltmirl would like to meet in real life
This is Popular Acronym list for W page 7 of 17 - 8 of 17 click here for the page 9
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woman has man n it, mrs has mr n it, female has male n it, Madam has adam n it, so girls r always incomplete with out boys.
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