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URYYFM you are too wise for me
utm you tell me
uttt you telling the truth
uw2xme? you want to kiss me?
uwgowm you want to go out with me?
WSLS You win some, you lose some
y.a.a.o.m.m. you are always on my mind
y.a.m. you amaze me
y.c.m.a.o.w.b.s.e you can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs
y.c.m.a.o.w.b.s.e. you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs
y.d.k.j. you don't know Jack
y.g.t.b.c. you have got to be kidding
y.h.g.t.b.k. you have got to be kidding
y.h.t.b.k.m. you have to be kidding me
y.i.t.b.o.s. yours in the bond of the seal
y.j.d.c. you just don't care
y.j.d.k. you just don't know
y.k.i.l.u. you know I love you
Y.K.T.D. You Know The Drill
Y.M.A.K. You May Already Know
y.m.s.m.t.m. you mean so much to me
y.n.m.a. you need medical attention
y.n.w.y.c.d. you know what you can do
Y.O.T.T. you are one to talk
y.o.y.o. you're on your own
y.o.y.o. you're only young once
y.o.y.o. your on your own
Y.R.A.H. young rich and handsome
Y.S.I. you stupid idiot
Y.S.W.T.G.O.W.M. you still want to go out with me
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 1 of 9 - 2 of 9 click here for the page 3
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