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ygwyd you get what you deserve
ygwypf you get what you pay for
yhmh you have my heart
yhtbt you had to be there
YIC Yours In Christ
YILM Yes I love me
YIMBY yes in my back yard
yitbos you're in the brotherhood of soldiers
yitbos you're invited to bang our sisters
yitbos yours in the bond of the seal
yiwoty youth is wasted on the young
yiwtgo yes, i want to go private
yjdc you just don't care
yjdk you just don't know
ykhif you know how I feel
ykily you know I love you
YKINOK Your Kink Is Not OK
YKTD You Know The Drill
ykyarw you know you're a redneck when
ykyhb you know you have been
ylsed you learn something every day
ylsned you learn something new every day
ymbf you're my best friend
ymca young men's christian association
ymhaos Your most humble and obedient servant
ymmd you made my day
ymmhj you make my heart jump
YMML you made me laugh
ymmswj you make me shiver with joy
ymsmtm you mean so much to me
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 5 of 9 - 6 of 9 click here for the page 7
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