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ynbff your new best friend forever
ynma you need medical attention
ynmh you need my help
yntco you need to chill out
ynwa you'll never walk alone
ynwa you'll never win anything
ynwim you know what I mean?
ynwycd you know what you can do
yogwypf you only get what you pay for
yomh you own my heart
yowt you obviously weren't thinking
YOWTWYWT You Obviously Weren't Thinking When You Wrote That
YOYOW You Own Your Own Words
ypom young people on the move
YQW Your Quite Welcome
yra you are annoying
YRAH young rich and handsome
yrl8 you are late
yrmol You Are My Only Love
yrms You Rock My Socks
yrr you 'r' right
yrr you'r right
yrsai you are such an idiot
yrsb you are so beautiful
yrsc you are so cute
yrsh you are so handsome
yrsvstm you are someone very special to me
yrt1 you are the one
yrtb you are the best
yrtloml you are the love of my life
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 6 of 9 - 7 of 9 click here for the page 8
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