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Acronym's for Y
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 9 of 11 page 10 of 11 click here for the page 11
 yra you are annoying
 yrl8 you are late
 yrmol You Are My Only Love
 yrms You Rock My Socks
 yrr you 'r' right
 yrr you'r right
 yrsai you are such an idiot
 yrsb you are so beautiful
 yrsc you are so cute
 yrsh you are so handsome
 yrsvstm you are someone very special to me
 yrt1 you are the one
 yrtb you are the best
 yrtloml you are the love of my life
 YSAN You're Such A Nerd
 YSK You Should Know
 YSL young sexy lady
 YSL Yves Saint Laurent
 ysm you scare me
 ysmbaisy You Scratch my Back and I'll Scratch Yours
 yswtgowm you still want to go out with me
 ytb you are the best
 ytb You're The Best
 ytb youre the best
 ytbff your the best friend forever
 ytd year to date
 YTGBKM you have got to be kidding me
 YTMBWITW You're The Most Beautiful Woman in the World
 YTMMD you're the man now dog!
 YTMPTS you took my post to serious
This is Popular Acronym list for Y page 9 of 11 page 10 of 11 click here for the page 11
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