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This is Popular Emoticon list for I
[] I
^@T I am a christian
(0) (0) I am a well endowed female
I:/ I am constipated
:((( I am gutted
OZ-< I am in a big hurry
:-W I am lying
:::poof::: I am out of here
:-c I am sad
:^s I am so Confused
!!!:) I am thinking
m(_ _)m I bow (deeply humble)
:-x I can't talk
:V) I have a broken nose
:-)} I have a goatee beard
$£$:-) I have a money making Idea
?:-) I have a question
<:-| I just made a stupid statement
:^D I like it
il$ I love money
*<3U4E I love you forever
-U{} I miss you hugs
(-) I need a haircut
:-x I won't tell
:*) I'm tipsy
<<{:}} ice cream
<<{:}} icecream
+:-) idea
:-( :- impotent
O-S-< In a hurry
This is Popular Emoticon list for I
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I gueS I nevr told u, Im so hpE dat youre myn
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