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This is Popular Emoticon list for L
[*] lantern
*L* laugh
~L~ laugh
(L) laugh
:D laughing
:-d laughing
:-))) laughing
(-) laughing
:L laughing face
<^O^> laughing loudly
;-} leer
>:> leer
:-} leering
<-- left arrow
0oooo left foot
Oooo0 Left Foot
.ooo0 left foot
{-: left handed
(-: left handed smile
(-: left-handed
~~~~~~~~o let?s make babies
:) (: lets meet
:-) (-: lets meet
>;-> lewd
>;-> lewd remark
>;-> lewd wink
:-9 licking lips
;-9 Licking My Lips
:-# lips are sealed
:-x lips are sealed
This is Popular Emoticon list for L
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